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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Classic Fino Por Favor

I went to the Paso Fino show at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds today. I have ridden a Paso Fino, but it was a long time ago and I really didn't learn much about them. My impression was of a very collected gaited horse that was on the small side. My impression was correct, but there is much more to learn. One thing I was reminded of is that no matter the discipline or style, a good horse is still a good horse and vice versa. Once I understood the different classes, it was pretty easy most of the time to pick out the order the horses would place. Of course as in all judging, some of the classes were much closer and harder to pick. It did make me wish that I had stayed in horse judging at MSU! That is a job I would enjoy!

For those that don't know, the "classic" fino is a gate in which the horse has a lot of animated motion, but has very little forward movement. One of the people that I struck up a conversation with told me that less than 5% of the Paso Fino horses can achieve the collection necessary to perform that gait.

Anyway, long story short....now I wouldn't mind to have a Paso Fino. :)

Although the bleachers did get excruciatingly hard, it was an enjoyable and educational day. The only regret is that I didn't get to ride. At every horse event I go to I end up wanting to grab at least one of the horses and take it for a spin. Maybe next year....

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just put a gate there...please!?!

I love my husband. You all know that I do. However, I am finding that fence building is more of a strain on our marriage at least than all of the other (supposedly) stressful things that married couples go through. (moving, buying a new house, changing jobs, etc)

While deciding what the layout of the fence will be we must obviously decide where gates should go. Now I am all for saving money, but I also know the frustration of trying to move animals around in pens that are not set up correctly. Duane believes that we should only need 2 gates...one for each pasture. I, on the other hand, know that when you are trying to get a halter on an unbroke yearling, or a difficult calf in a trailer, you always need a gate or a fence where there isn't one. So, my logic is to install a couple more "just in case" gates. It would be darn difficult to add a gate after the fact. So when Duane asks where I want the gates and I tell him, we usually get into a "why there?" discussion. Which is never won by either of us. I usually tire of the debate long before Mr. "plan it out on the computer" can see documentable evidence proving the need for a gate in just that location....sigh....

On another subject...
I have found my dream horse. Really. Like the horse of all horses that I thought I could never, ever afford. He is a 6 year old Thoroughbred. Retired from the track and lives in Hilliard, OH at New Vocations TB Rescue ranch. Basically, they take in TB's that didn't make it on the track and try to find new lives and jobs for them. It really is a great program and one that I can't wait to be able to support. I have to be realistic about our space constraints so have decided that I really should have no more than 5 of my own. I already have one (that will be moving to our place as soon as the fence is up) and have talked to a lady in AR about a TB mare that she wants to lease out for a year, so that leaves room for 3more! Hilliard is quite a haul and there are some safety precautions that you must take with these ex-track horses so it may be a while before we get any. Meanwhile I'm scheming schemes and planning plans....

Monday, May 08, 2006

What kind of egg is that?

For those of you that have been wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth, rest assured...that is not the case. We have had a few minor "techinical difficulties." The phone service was installed as planned but we only had service for one day before lightening struck the phone lines. So... new lines had to be run. Which of course meant waiting for an opening in Duane's schedule. Satellite internet has proven to be a challenge due to all of the trees surrounding the house so we currently have dial up. That really doesn't concern me, but Mr. Technology is about to have a fit.

There has been much activity on the farm of late, but my most exciting acquisition is 23 Guinnia eggs and 2 goose eggs. The goose eggs were more or less an accident as they just happened to be in the box of guinnia eggs that I was frantically bidding on at the livestock auction last Saturday.
It went something like this...
(my friend Stacye went along for the entertainment)
(me) Hey Stacye. What are you doing today?
(her) Nothing
(me)Want to go to the Livestock auction in Bolivar?
(her)Sure...What are you buying?
(me)I'm looking for guineas.
(her)What's a guinea?
(me)A bird...sort of like a chicken.

Upon arrival...
(me)Let's go look to see if there are any guineas in there (the sale ring)...
(her) Ok
(me)What are those? Are those guineas?
(her)Don't ask me. I didn't even know a guinea was a bird.
(me)Good point. I wonder if I can find some nice old man to ask that won't think I'm stupid.
(Silence on the part of friend Stacye. We'll try not to think about what the silence implied)

(other auction goer) did you see those baby duck? Aren't they cute?!?
(me) sure are! what are those? Are they guineas?
(oag) no...those are pullets
(me) oh...sure...that's right....

(me) well, no guineas. I wonder if they will bring any more in before the sale...
(Stacye) don't know. What do I look for?
(me) well...I really don't remember. I know they are gray.
(more silence from friend Stacye)

(auctioneer) blah, blah, de blah, de blah blah
(me) how much did he say?
(Stacye) heck I don't know!
(me) dang! I shoulda bought em!
(Stacye) What were they?
(me) some kind of chicken.

(me) look! Peacocks!
(Stacye) Wow! They are really pretty!
(me) I should buy those!
(Stacye) Where will you keep them?
(me) Just turn em loose. I wonder what they eat?

(auctioneer) blah de blah, guineas, blah blah blah
(me while frantically waiving my bidders number) here!
(more auctioneer stuff, more bidding)
(auctioneer) sold to number blah blah blah
(me) yeah!
(Stacye) What did you buy?
(me) guinea eggs!
(guy behind me) that's about $200 worth of guineas
(me) really?
(guy) yeah! you have a roosting chicken?
(me, suddenly very concerned) no. guess I'm going to have to get one
(side note. All chickens have already been sold)
(guy) hey! There's something for you to hatch them eggs out in!
(me with hand already in air) here!
(Stacye) What is it?
(me) I don't know yet
(auctioneer) sold to number blah de blah blah
(guy) there! now you can hatch em!

(me) Well Stacye, are you ready to go? (this of course is after they have sold the horses, sheep, and a whole lotta goats) Let's go see what I paid for all of this.

(me on phone) Hi honey! Guess what I bought! 23 guinea eggs and 2 goose eggs. Oh, and an incubator.
nope...really not sure. We'll have to look it up. Yeah...don't really know about that yet either. We'll have to look that up. No, I don't know how long before they hatch. We'll have to look it up.

later at home...

(Duane) how do you put this thing together?
(me) how would I know?

(Duane) do we have a thermometer? It says to maintain a temperature of 100 degrees.
(me) we have a meat thermometer...

(Duane while at Orschlen Farm Supply) Do we need to get some food?
(me) I don't know what they eat
(Duane) maybe they have a book...

More on the guinea fiasco to come....