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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blake and Aaron

Two of my favorite people. Blake and Aaron are Duane's 2nd cousins and our "helpers." They are really great kids and we are looking forward to them spending some of the summer with us.

Monday, April 24, 2006

"The Mower"

There has been much activity since the last time I posted. As you all know, we are in the process of moving to the farm and if you have read Geek Acres, you have found that there have been some interesting times.

As Duane mentioned, his parents bought us a new mower as a house warming gift. Although I appreciate it, it makes me feel guilty. They really do give us too much. I have always believed in working for what I have and am still trying to get used to the Key's family tradition of extravagant giving.

Back to the mower though.... I have always been the lawn mower for our family. I enjoy it and Duane hates it.... so he cleans house and I do yardwork. Now we have "the mower" and I fear that my mowing days are over. I'll have to get up at daylight to beat him to the mower!

As it is, I am at home doing the packing, which I really don't mind. Have you ever noticed how many odds and ends things you end up with? I try to pack like item with like item. Some things however, just don't fit in anywhere. I will probably end up with a couple of boxes of miscellaneous stuff. It drives me crazy, but what can you do?

I am really looking forward to a big garden at the farm. I'm thinking about trying my hand at some unusual and exotic vegetables. I might even go to some of the farmer's markets.

At last I can plant asparagus!!! I'm going to have several different varieties. Really looking forward to a return to a simpler life. Which reminds me of a trip we took to Mansfield yesterday. More on that later.....

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Native Trees

I really am so predictable....
Thanks to the new blogs that Duane has found as a result of his new blog "Geek Acres", I found that you can purchase native trees from the Missouri Conservation department at a very reasonable price. Since the two trees that I wanted to line the drive with are native, I ordered 50 flowering dogwood and 50 redbud. 100...trees....

Now, if you have been reading my previous posts, or even talking with me occasionally, you will know that I am very concerned about the drought that is affecting SW MO. Believe it or not, Walnut Grove is in even worse shape than Springfield. The last two rains that we received here, completely missed the farm. Not good news.
In addition, we just found out that we would have to hire a backhoe operator to dig the holes for the dog fence at the farm because the ground is too hard for a tractor with no down pressure.

Back to previous announcement...
I have 100 holes to dig and prepare for the 100 trees that I will be receiving in May from the Missouri Conservation department. (see the problem?)
Of course, I can't bear to see any plants go to waste, so they all must be planted as soon as possible upon arrival.

One would have thought that I could have waited until next fall or even spring to order the trees...but hey, why put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Right?

Keep in mind that I have been very concerned about getting everything done that must be done for us to move in, but I have still added 100 holes to my list of things to do.

Sometimes even I wonder about my logic! :)

Ah well...what would I do without a project to worry about?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Blissfully Perfect Weekend...almost

This was the best weekend I have had in a long, long time. Everyone at work was in a really good mood on Friday so we started off the weekend well. Friday night I met a friend of mine for dinner at Tong's. My favorite place to eat and dinner with a friend that I had not seen in a couple of years....I didn't realize how much I had missed her until we got together again. We were joined by a good friend of hers and lots of laughs ensued.

Saturday morning, Duane woke me up with a cup of coffee! He had let me sleep in a little bit and had fed the dogs. Needless to say that was a VERY good start to my day.

We got to the farm at about 9:30 and had only been there a short time when the neighbor drove up to tell us that one of his mares had foaled. It only took a couple of minutes (and strides) to cover the short distance between our house and theirs to see that new baby. What a cutie she is!

After lots of horse talk and as much horse "fragrance" as I could inhale, we started back to our farm. Coy Dan (the neighbor) offered to give us a ride home as it was starting to sprinkle and ended up taking us to his other pasture to see the rest of his horses.

It was love at first sight and now "Socks" is the newest member of the Keys family. She is a two year old, but loves people. I am really looking forward to training young horses again. There is something very rewarding for me in teaching a young horse. Just to watch them learn is fascinating.

We came back to Springfield pleasantly tired and with plans to do it all over again today. We got back out to the farm a little later this morning (Duane woke me up with a cup of coffee again after letting me sleep even later) and had been there maybe 15-20 minutes when Coy Dan drove up again. Another foal!
This little filly is a full sister to my "Socks" and they both have their mama's 4 white feet. We didn't get much painting done this weekend and I am getting a little worried about having enough time, but I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Farm tidbits

One wall done.... faux finish that is.

I decided to do a little aged Tuscan faux finish at the new place. Much as I love the look, I must admit that it takes forever. I'm one of those perfectionist kind of people. I love the look of a faux that is done correctly and abhor the poorly done faux. Needless to say, I started this wall last Wednesday? and just finished the final coat today. Two more walls to go with that finish.

Our master bath in the new house has a more formal feel so I think I will go with a striped finish in there. Same color for both stripes so it will be subtle, just different finishes. For example, a satin finish for the wider stripes and a coat of clear gloss polyurathane on the narrower stripes. I'll post pics when I am done so you can all see the result.

I don't know if it is the false sense of security that I get from having a basement, but when I am out there I have the attitude of "bring it on!"
Bring me back to Springfield though and I am again anxiously watching the radar......

I am having delayed remorse for not bargaining for my flowers in the sale of this house. How many people will keep up with this many flower gardens? I should have negotiated the removal of most of the plants and replanting of the grass when we sold the house. Too late now.

I did find out yesterday from the current owner of our farm that they have picked morel mushrooms by the 5 gallon bucket on some land near our farm. Don't even ask where, I will not tell you. I will however share some of the gloriously yummy dishes I make out of my morel harvest (if I find any that is. They seem to elude me)

One last thing....
I think I have mentioned the fireplace in our new house. It is make of brick and is really dark and kind of blah. I am thinking about a different finish for the fireplace and would like opinions from my multitudes of readers. Okay, would the two of you mind chiming in with your opinions? :)
Do I keep the dark bricks in the fireplace as well as the original walnut trim and cabinets to keep the "integrity", or do I lighten it up?
(Duane, this vote is not for you. I know I'll get your opinion later so don't sign in anonymously)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Geek Acres

Duane has created a new post entitled "Geek Acres" The plan is to tell of the transition of a city geek to a county geek. In true Duane fashion it is bound to be entertaining. Of course, as he does with some of my posts, I must chime in on some of his, expanding on his version of the story and giving detail that he leaves out.

Having said that, I must expand on his last post about ticks. In that post he stated that he was "infested" and that it did not make for a "happy geek." Now I have to admit that I don't like ticks either, but previously mentioned "city geek" has some conditioning to go on the whole tick issue.
While traveling back from the farm I told the "boys" (Duane's cousins Blake and Aaron) to be sure to check for ticks and that if you find one that has attached, the still hot end of a recently blown out match applied to the back end of said tick will encourage it to back out of your hide.

Apparently "city geek" was listening to this exchange because as soon as we got home I head him yelling "honey! Bring a match!" from the bathroom.

Now there are many things that you hear throughout your life that may be truth and may be wivestales. For example, I have always heard to run cold water with your garbage disposal. Don't know why hot won't work, but hey...there may be a reason...

Anyway, maybe the match thing is the same way. I applied the still hot end of the recently blown out match to said rear end of attached tick and although he did wave his little legs around frantically, I really don't know if it helped make him easier to unattach or not.
Long story short, I still had to pluck him from "city geeks" behind.

I am convinced that this is true love. When you combine two pretty unpleasant things, namely ticks and dirty, been working in the heat and sweating all day behind, it certainly would be a combination that any clear thinking "city girl" would avoid. But in true "country girl" fashion, pluck I did.

I am quite certain that there will be many more of these amusing stories to share. Stay tuned for the next episode....