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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Take That!

The longer I think about this crazy stick lady the madder I get! I would think there have to be other people out there that are having similar problems. With the number of pet friendly homes increasing rapidly, we are bound to have differences of opinion with our non-pet loving neighbors.
I think I'll take our local police officer up on his suggestion to get her picture so that she can be identified. I don't know what she plans to accomplish by harrassing me daily, but I plan to pursue this matter until she leaves me alone.
Her reaction on the next post! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Different Kind of Harrassment

We are being harrassed. If any of you have read the "Crazy Stick Lady" post on Minutia, you will know how our problem started. Unfortunately there has been no end. To make a long story short, we contacted the police. They said to call the next time we saw her so that she could be identified. Needless to say, we are way down on the priority list and rightfully so, but although her walks/terrorizing stopped for a while, she refuses to leave well enough alone. Each evening at about 5:30, here she comes with her big stick. Staring at the dogs (and myself) in her most intimidating manner. Enough already! We own the house! They are very sweet, well cared for dogs that are contained in a chain link fence. The gate even has a padlock for crying out loud! Not once in the nearly 2 years that we have lived here have they been out. We can provide lists of places that all of the dogs have been in contact with people and pets and everyone loved them. Why must we continue to be harrassed in our own yard by someone that is just too beligerent to walk a different route? I don't go to her home and harrass her. She doesn't dread my appearance on a daily basis. Why must I forgo a peaceful evening in our back yard because she has a problem with dogs?

Home Suite Home -The best get-away destination!

I went to Eureka Springs this past weekend for 3 days at my favorite place, Home Suite Home. The owners have now become very dear friends of mine and for that I am immensly thankful.

I don't know how to adequately describe Home Suite Home. It is an old refurbished school house that has been transformed into the most peaceful and tranquil oasis that I have ever seen. I simply step through the doors and am immediately lulled into a deep feeling of calm. The decor of white and beige in addition to the perfect balance of thoughful (but not busy) decor, truely makes Home Suite Home one of a kind. Ron has gone to great lengths to see to every detail. The bedding is Ralph Lauren, the chairs and couches are perfect for lounging and even the towels smell wonderful!

I am very fortunate to be a guest at Home Suite Home on occasion and must highly recommend it to anyone seeking a luxurious getaway! A few of the outstanding things you will find are a fully stocked kitchen (in both suites, bring your food if you like and never leave the oasis) fresh flowers (in elegant shades of white), fresh pastries (from a local gourmet pastry shop), a large jacuzzi tub (in the Sunlite suite) and they can even arrange for an in-suite massage if you wish! These are just a few of the ameneties too numerous to mention.

I have stayed at many cabins and B&B's in many states, and I can say with all honesty that I have neve been anywhere that could come close to Home Suite Home. This truely is the most elegant and tasteful place I have been. Everywhere you look is perfection!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Rarely have I read anything as disturbing as the article in the News Leader by Glenn Miller of Aurora. http://www.news-leader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060104/OPINIONS03/601040303/1006
I read this 3-4 days ago and am still haunted by it. "Systematic genocide against the white race?"

I would be very interested to see this person's family tree. Chances are very great that his "race" is a mixture of many different bloodlines (for lack of a better term). Honestly, how many of us in this great country of ours can really say that we have a pure bloodline? What would that be anyway? English? French? Which nationalities would be acceptable to mix in?

In animals it is pretty simple. You can trace your Quarter Horses, etc (the registered ones anyway) back through the generations. Your foal can only be registered if you are able to produce documentation of this bloodline. In other words, the registry exits so that the bloodline remains pure. In theory you get superior horses and for the most part that is true. But I have ridden some fantastic horses that were grade (of unknown heritage).

This has absolutely no benefit to humans. Are we to breed runners or jumpers or thinkers now?

And this is my logical side talking. As for my emotional side....well... let's just say that for the first time, I actually felt threatened. And consequently, guilty. I am disturbed to this extent by someone that makes me feel threatened for the first time. What about all of the people out there that feel threatened most of the time? As usual, I feel the need to do something. Help in some way. But again, I am not quite sure what I can do to help. And so I withdraw even further, turning my back to the people of the world and embracing nature.

How many of us can really examine ourselves and find no judgement. No stereotyping. Only acceptance.
I am as guilty as the next person as much as it embarrasses me to say. And I work each day to be more accepting and less judgemental. But never like this. Judging someone who is hypocritical....I've done it. Judging someone who will steal and cheat...I've done that too. But never this. Never have I thought, even in my angriest moment, that anyone with a different skin color or nationality, or religious or political belief should be eliminated. Never have I felt such deep hatred as this man obviously feels. And I thank the diety that I have been spared that hatred.

We get one shot folks. One chance of undetermined length. What will we do with it?