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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Farm tidbits

One wall done.... faux finish that is.

I decided to do a little aged Tuscan faux finish at the new place. Much as I love the look, I must admit that it takes forever. I'm one of those perfectionist kind of people. I love the look of a faux that is done correctly and abhor the poorly done faux. Needless to say, I started this wall last Wednesday? and just finished the final coat today. Two more walls to go with that finish.

Our master bath in the new house has a more formal feel so I think I will go with a striped finish in there. Same color for both stripes so it will be subtle, just different finishes. For example, a satin finish for the wider stripes and a coat of clear gloss polyurathane on the narrower stripes. I'll post pics when I am done so you can all see the result.

I don't know if it is the false sense of security that I get from having a basement, but when I am out there I have the attitude of "bring it on!"
Bring me back to Springfield though and I am again anxiously watching the radar......

I am having delayed remorse for not bargaining for my flowers in the sale of this house. How many people will keep up with this many flower gardens? I should have negotiated the removal of most of the plants and replanting of the grass when we sold the house. Too late now.

I did find out yesterday from the current owner of our farm that they have picked morel mushrooms by the 5 gallon bucket on some land near our farm. Don't even ask where, I will not tell you. I will however share some of the gloriously yummy dishes I make out of my morel harvest (if I find any that is. They seem to elude me)

One last thing....
I think I have mentioned the fireplace in our new house. It is make of brick and is really dark and kind of blah. I am thinking about a different finish for the fireplace and would like opinions from my multitudes of readers. Okay, would the two of you mind chiming in with your opinions? :)
Do I keep the dark bricks in the fireplace as well as the original walnut trim and cabinets to keep the "integrity", or do I lighten it up?
(Duane, this vote is not for you. I know I'll get your opinion later so don't sign in anonymously)


Anonymous gay said...

Keep the original! "Brighten up" the room...not the fireplace.

Just one geezers' opinon..I hate to see old stuff swept aside. :-))

1:47 PM  
Anonymous pablo said...

You could both "keep" and "brighten" the cabinets and the fireplace. First, you could cover the fireplace bricks with some lighter material (faux marble perhaps) but leave the "integrity" there so that the "This Old House" people will uncover the bricks in 50 years. Second, you could remove the cabinets and use them for storage in the basement then replace them with something in your style. When the National Register comes along to restore your house, they'll still have the original fixins in the basement.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Dianne said...

A neighbor painted her bricks white and has a beautiful SW look in a much "lighter" room. Personally, I prefer the red brick. What did you finally do to the bricks?

8:46 PM  

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