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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The dreaded "S" word...

The season is here again for daily (and sometimes hourly) monitoring of the forecast. Today the dreaded "Supercell" word appeared. Who knew I would become almost unreasonable about the weather? I say almost, because I do know people (names have not been changed to protect the innocent) Jessica...that really do go into panic mode. I think I remain quite reasonable. Of course I insist on heading for the storm shelter as soon as the warning signal sounds, but once all 6 of us are in there, I do fine. Obviously no talking is allowed while in the storm shelter. I must be able to hear the storm. ;) And of course we must ready the shelter with candles, blankets and pillows hours before the storm is expected to hit (one can't be too careful) Besides these fundamentally sound precautions, I proceed to the storm shelter in a calm orderly manner and will only pick up a dog and toss it down to the waiting Duane if there is absolutely no other option. :)

Now in Jessica's defense...she lives in the SW area of Springfield that seems to be a magnet for tornados. She shared an extremely entertaining story of the tornado last year that I must pass along. (it was entertaining because I was not there)

So Jess and Billy are driving back from Joplin and confident that they have outrun the storm. So they call in an order for a pizza from their cell phone.
No sooner do they arrive in Springfield, but the warning signal sounds. Now Jess and Billy don't have a basement, but they do have a crawl space under the house. They also have a 100+ lb rottweiller. As any of you animal lovers know, you can't seek shelter without the pets. So under the house the 3 of them go.

After a seemingly endless amount of time, the sirens went off and Jess and Billy proceeded to extract themselves and Cain from under the house.

As they stood in the street with the rest of the block looking at all of the damage, around the corner comes a little Geo Metro with a Papa John's sign on top. The terrified driver jumps out of the car and with pizza raised high above his head shouts "where is 1112?"

It turns out that this 16yr old delivery driver turned down their street to see a tornado coming right at him. He does a quick u-turn and gets out of there. But only just... he still had a pizza to deliver!

Jess offered him a $20 tip (which he refused) and then called the manager the next day to tell of this inspiring pizza delivery. Pizza delivery drivers all over the world now have this standard to live up to. :)


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