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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Different Kind of Harrassment

We are being harrassed. If any of you have read the "Crazy Stick Lady" post on Minutia, you will know how our problem started. Unfortunately there has been no end. To make a long story short, we contacted the police. They said to call the next time we saw her so that she could be identified. Needless to say, we are way down on the priority list and rightfully so, but although her walks/terrorizing stopped for a while, she refuses to leave well enough alone. Each evening at about 5:30, here she comes with her big stick. Staring at the dogs (and myself) in her most intimidating manner. Enough already! We own the house! They are very sweet, well cared for dogs that are contained in a chain link fence. The gate even has a padlock for crying out loud! Not once in the nearly 2 years that we have lived here have they been out. We can provide lists of places that all of the dogs have been in contact with people and pets and everyone loved them. Why must we continue to be harrassed in our own yard by someone that is just too beligerent to walk a different route? I don't go to her home and harrass her. She doesn't dread my appearance on a daily basis. Why must I forgo a peaceful evening in our back yard because she has a problem with dogs?


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