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Friday, July 15, 2005

Sweet Summertime

I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted a blog! Times flies when you are having fun. The good news is that most of the important stuff has been posted on Duane's blog. He of course if much better at keeping up with these things than I.

He failed to mention a couple of things of interest though. Like the Japanese Stroll Garden, Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich Shop and Al Roubaie's.

We will start with the food. Jimmy John's has received much press with the locals, so we decided to give it a try. It was alright. Sub Rolls are white bread (which I don't much care for) and the other ingredients were ordinary as far as I am concerned. Duane seemed to have the same reaction. However, there is, I hear, a little place on Cherokee, open only at lunch called The Sub Shop. I understand it has been there forever and is extremely good. I've not tried it yet, but will have to get over there. It is always overflowing with customers at lunch.

Al Roubaie's has, without a doubt the best cream of almond soup I have ever had. The grilled lamb was terrible (Duane's entree) but my seafood stuffed filet of sole was pretty good.
Atmosphere was nice, although the wait staff could have been a little more refined.

We had a COO candidate in this week and it was my job to take him from one interview to the next, make sure he had what he needed and generally tell him about Springfield. I of course, gave him a list of recommended restaurants to try and he and his wife went to Flame.
They really enjoyed seeing downtown and thought Flame was terrific.
Just think of me as your friendly local social director.

The Japanese Stroll Garden, if you have never been there is worth your $3. Beautiful landscaping a huge koi pond (where you can feed the fish-take quarters!), and 7 acres of rolling hills, paths, and just general serenity. Of course I came home with many ideas, and we are now planning a second water garden in the back yard. Much bigger than the first though!
For some reason, Duane wants to wait until fall to start digging the hole.
I'll have to take before and after pictures. I take them of each project, just have not gotten then posted. I'll work on that.

Speaking of pictures. We have both entered some of our favorites in the fair. You can enter only one picture per catagory, which was somewhat limiting, but understandable. The competetion is on! The loser in this household will have to do the cleaning for a year (if Duane loses. we'll change the rules if I lose)