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Friday, March 25, 2005

Ahhh... Springtime

Spring is almost here...flowers just getting ready to bloom, those nice warm days in the sun....
I am especially looking forward to this spring. Since we bought our house last July, and of course did some landscaping after the purchase, there should be lots to see in our yard this spring. I just hope that the climbing roses that I planted on the back fence do their job and completely block the view of the strange lady with the stick that walks through the church parking lot behind our house each evening. She glares at the dogs as she walks by and sometimes even makes threatening gestures with her stick at them. And she wonders why they bark at her?

Speaking of dogs...we have discovered a squeaky toy that takes Haley days to chew up. It is a double edged sword and even my normally endless patience (with the dogs) is stretched thin.

One of my bosses retired this week. He is a good man and one that I truely admire. I was very sad to see him go and regret that I only got to work with him for a short time. I had two of the best bosses that anyone could have, but at least one is still there. The replacement has been named and I think that he is a good person as well. I can only hope that our working relationship is half as good.

In other news, our friends Sandy and Adrian are moving to Florida. I know it is hard to have to move around so much, but hopefully it will all settle down soon.

We are going Morel mushroom hunting in the morning. It should be an experience. Although I know what they look like through research on the web, I have never picked them. Takes a bit of faith to take a bite of something like that!

Monday will start week 5 of the Weight Loss Challenge and I have yet to lose a pound. I assumed that going to spin class 3 days a week would do something but apparently I will have to get a little bit more serious. I checked on a program through the fitness center called Bootcamp. Although I am very interested, I am hesitant to committ to a program that would require me to be at the fitness center at 4 am two days a week for 16 weeks. At least I have until April 11 to decide how committed I am and to see if I can even meet the minimum requirements.
Getting old stinks. Oh for the days that I could eat whatever I wanted, never exercise and still wear a size 5. It doesn't seem that long ago. Sometimes I am still surprised when they won't fit.
Go ahead, make fun of my reminiscing, but I know that most of you out there have experienced the same thing. You know who you are! You just wake up one day and your body has betrayed you. I'll get it back dammit. I have my favorite bikini hanging where I see it every day, just as a reminder.

Guess I should print out some color pics of Morels to take with me tomorrow. That's one mistake I would not want to make!