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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Lessons To Be Learned?

Isn't it amazing how human emotions work? You can make a comment, that has very little thought behind it, and somone takes offense. I am as guilty as the next person. I may say something in passing, and the next thing I know, I have completely offended someone. And on the flip side, I may take offense to a comment that someone has made, when they meant nothing by it. Sometimes upon reflection, I feel that I should either not say anything at all, or should censor each and every word that comes out of my mouth. Of course, sheepherding is much more appealing. You can say anything you want to animals (as long as it is in a non-threatening tone of voice) and they are delighted to hear it. Quite possibly the reason that I prefer animal companionship more than human. I have told both of my beloved dogs on numerous occasions that they stink. They wag their tails and try to sit in my lap. I have told them that they drive me crazy, to leave me alone, that "mom" is tired and just wants to sit and read a book. Don't get me wrong. They don't pay the slightest bit of attention to the offending phrases, preferring to translate it into dogspeak, where it means, good girl/boy, mom loves you, and scoot over a little bit closer so that there is no room at all on my lap for anything other than a sleeping head (certainly not a book). Even though their translation is faulty, they are so very easy to get along with. They don't hold a grudge and by the time they wake up from their nap, they have completely forgotten that I said that there is not room on the couch for all of us.
What lessons we could learn from these happy creatures. A little sunshine through the window...happy. A squirrel to chase...happy. A kind word from a person...happy. I for one have decided to model my behavior after theirs. I will believe the best of everyone and will treat everyone kindly until abused. Makes perfect sense to me.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

One of those Google Washing thingy majiggers

I'm completely hacked off at Rival. You know, the company that has made crockpots since the beginning of time? I have been cooking with a Rival crockpot since I started cooking. Last Christmas, I got a new 5 quart, with carry case and separate 2-sided crock. (for cooking 2 things at once). I was excited! Bigger crockpot = more food. Wrong! The silly thing is not usable. The lid does not seal correctly, so all of the moisture excapes from under the lid, leaving dried out (at the very least) or burnt food. Doesn't even matter if you add liquid (which you shouldn't have to do) or cook on low. Still dried out/burnt. The first time this happened, I chalked it up to user error. Second time, I was confused. Third time, I checked the internet. Guess what. Many people have had the exact same problem with this crockpot. Rival's response is to return it to the store it was purchased at. No apology for the inconvenience and no acknowledgment that there is a problem. At $45-$60 per crockpot, they are making a killing on crockpots that cannot be used. Maybe that count on the consumer having to buy a replacement crockpot? And you know what happens with a Christmas present that has no accompanying receipt..
One of my pet peeves is a company that will not stand behind its product. Hiway robbery as it is sometimes called. So friends, if you have experienced this problem with rival, or if you just get mad at being ripped off, join me in this campain! To food! And Justice! ;)

Saturday, January 01, 2005

It's been a while

It has been quite a while since I posted anything. Not only have I been busy, but I waited so long to post that I had forgotten not only my password, but my sign on as well. Since we have had such unseasonably warm weather, Duane and I went to Ha Ha Tonka State Park yesterday. That is the 3rd time that I have gone and no matter the season, the beauty never fails to amaze me. We took a trail this time that I had not previously been on. It went up over the island and put us right down on the waterfall. I was thrilled as I have looked at the waterfall from a distance but didn't think that you could get to it. We hiked approximately 6-8 miles, over some pretty rugged terrain, and even after a hot bath last night, my legs are still pretty sore. Kind of puts things into perspective in a lot of ways for me. The beautiful surroundings make me wonder why I spend so much of my life indoors. The fatigue makes me wonder how/why I have become so sedentary. New Year's resolution #1... I will get out/get fit. More fresh air and less of a sedentary life style. If only I didn't love to cook! Ah well...nothing like the New Year and another birthday to make you lament your current lifestyle/body fat percentage! Speaking of warm weather. This warm front is hard on my flowers. All of my bulbs are coming up already. Hopefully everything will survive this strange winter. I keep thinking of all of the time and money I have invested in these gardens. It would be terrible to lose them. I had to find something to do with my time this winter since it is dark when I get home and I can't work in the garden. So my new past time has been working out. At least it was until I got the bright idea to make Christmas candy for everyone at work. 3 weeks, I made candy. So between the time away from working out and the candy that was consumed, I went right back to square one on the fitness routine and now have to start completely over. I was doing so well...In the month of November I logged 675 hours of aerobic activity. In December I had less than 300. I am trying to make it a rountine before summer hits. If I can at least go to a couple of classes per week and maybe go for a run in the mornings before work, I should keep pretty fit. But I have to get fit before I can stay fit. Our friends Sandy and Adriene moved to Ohio this fall. People come and go, but this time, it just feels wrong. I'm sure they will be back someday, but we really miss having them around. I am anti-96.5 now by the way. What a crappy thing to do to their morning DJ. Buget cuts my a__! I for one will never turn on that station again. Speaking of crappy. We went to dinner a while back with some of Duane's friends that we hadn't seen in a while. Had a great time until one of his friends told me that he thought my dogs were a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, everyone has a right to their own opinion. It's just the complete lack of respect that dissappointed me. I mean really, there are many things that he does that I think are a total waste of time, but I respected him too much to say anything. Besides, I don't intentionally try to hurt feelings. To each his own, and if he feels better for saying that, then power to him. But with that complete lack of sensitivity, I can see why he hasn't had a girlfriend in what, 8(?)years.
Funniest thing was that I felt sorry for him and always encouraged Duane to invite him over for dinner etc. Poor character judgement on my part!
Anyway, enough of that. Things are good here in floweraddict world. At last count I had planted between 1000-1500 perrenials and bulbs, and have recently installed a water garden. We still have some landscaping to do around the pond, but have planted a Japanese maple near it that will be gorgeous next spring. I really wanted a concrete venus de milo statue for my front night garden and got it for Christmas! It is very elegant and will look beautiful with all of the white flowers. Of all of the landscaping that we have done, I am looking forward to the night garden the most. I'll have to post some pictures when it blooms.