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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Lots of Pictures

As you can see, I have finally been able to get some pictures added. For those that do not know, Dobie is a 2 year old Doberman/Rottweiler cross (as near as we can tell) that has the temperament of an angel and the appearance of a guard dog. He weighs in at about 93 lbs now and thinks he is pretty tough...as long as he is standing behind Mom.
Haley is a 5 year old Weimaraner. She was our second and has given us lots of laughs and has kept Dobie entertained. She is the quard dog around our house, although a tresspasser would probably be struck down by the volume of her bark long before any biting was done. She has a loud mouth and she's not afraid to use it. More pictures (of other subjects) coming soon.

Haley is the other reason for his smile.  Posted by Hello

Tummy rubbing makes him smile! Posted by Hello

He was sleeping while I was doing some landscaping Posted by Hello

Dobie's first snow! Taken winter of 2003 Posted by Hello

This is a little better at 1 year, but still not up to his ideal weight. He is considerably happier though.  Posted by Hello

This is why I get on my soap box about adopting. This was taken the day we brought Dobie home from the humane society.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Tulips and Daffodils from last spring. Posted by Hello

"Double Delight" Hybrid Tea Rose. It's hard to tell in the picture, but this rose has red/dark pink tips to the petals and the bottom of the petal is white/cream. Very fragrant! Posted by Hello

Purple African Daisy. Great groundcover perennial. Spreads easily and flowers abundantly.  Posted by Hello

Sugar Daddy Petunias with Dusty Miller. This is part of a 3 pot arrangement.  Posted by Hello

Blue Morning Glory - back yard. One of my favorite annuals. Posted by Hello

Lavendar Hybrid Tea Rose. Posted by Hello

Monday, September 27, 2004

It's Always Fun to Out Fish the Husband

Went fishing yesterday with some friends. Beautiful place, used to be an old mill, but only the ruins are left now. 6 of us went fishing, 2 fish were caught, (by me. And really they would be closer to fish sticks than actual fish) but it was a wonderful time none the less. Fishing is one of my favorite past times. Fresh air (note a recurring theme in my blog) nature at it's finest, poor little wormies getting holes poked in them. Yes, its true...I am becoming more of a girly girl. I still bait my own hooks and remove my own fish, but I find that I now have to apologize to the worms as I am putting them on the hook. I noticed this girly girl trend the other day at Lowe's. I just had my nails done so I had to buy some gardening gloves, (before you pass out from the shock of it, the glove purchase was actually strongly encouraged by my husband once he found out how much the nails cost and the nails were prompted by a special occasion) anyway...I bought some gardening gloves and realized that I preferred the ones with the pretty little flowers on them as opposed to my normal choice of plain and natural. Not sure what is happening to me, but I found myself in a skirt, hose and heels today. Aliens must have abducted me in my sleep. Didn't get as much yard work done as I had planned this weekend. I know that Duane thinks he is in a contstant state of hole digging, but we really have a lot of work left to do on the yard. I am planting several perennial gardens as well as the rose bushes, so a good portion of the time, Duane is running from one spot in the yard to the next, with the garden hose and the post hole diggers. The garden hose because the ground is so hard the post hole diggers are a lost cause. We have found that if you water the spot and let it soak it is much easier to dig. Obviously a lot of compost has to be dug in too, so each plant is a battle. But I will triumph! Eventually. It's possible that part of my drive to get the yard done is panic about the approach of winter. I love cold weather, but hate to be indoors. Duane hates cold weather and would rather be indoors. I'm afraid that once it gets cold, I won't get him back out until spring. And so I hop out of bed early so I don't lose any daylight and flit from one project to the next, trying to get everything done so that even if I don't get to do any landscaping over the next several months, there will still be perennials and bulbs blooming next spring. phew... maybe I'll just sleep most of the winter.

Haley Update

Remember when I told you that Haley has a nesting habit? Well I've gotten sort of accustomed to it and try to ignore it so I can go back to sleep. Well, last night the "nesting" went on for a long time..so I finally got up to help her fix her bed and realized she was stuck under our bed. When I leaned under and looked at her, she just wagged her tail. I pulled her out and she curled up and went back to sleep. I feel kind of bad about trying to sleep through her ordeal. I have no idea how long she was under the bed. oops!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Life's Little Oddities

We had dinner with some friends last night and part of the conversation was about women's jeans. Now maybe it is because I don't buy jeans that are $124 per pair (as advertised in the most recent 417 Magazine) but it seems that I can never find the same jeans twice. For example, I bought some Eddie Bauer jeans...loved them. Went back about a year later... bought two more pair, same exact label...different fit. Same thing with some jeans I bought at Kohl's...I don't get it. Anyway, that conversation made me think of other little things that I have noticed are a little odd...
Shoes... shoes are a constant nightmare for me. Very few stores sell a size 5 and when you do find them the selection is limited. But besides the size issue, I can't figure out why men can try shoes on at the store, like them, get them home, wear them and they are still comfortable! Women try shoes on at the store, buy them because they look great and are (preferably) comfortable, wear them 2-3 times and find out that your feet hurt terribly when you wear them. Is there a secret marketing technique that makes shoes comfortable only before purchase? That way you already own them, so you have to go buy more shoes to replace the ones you can't wear? I think there is a conspiracy.
Most of the oddities that are the most obvious to me have to do with my dogs. Haley (my weimaraner) loves Q-tips. We have to keep the bathroom door closed because she will sneak in there to eat the Q-tips out of the trash. Gross, I know, but true none the less. Now that I think about it, this may be directly related to the next oddity. Her excessive flatulence. The dog lays down...flatulence. Turns to scratch an itch...flatulence. In her sleep... you get the picture. Dobie does not have this embarrassing problem. He is much to suave for that. Okay...but at least you can't hear his! Haley is so loud, she occasionally wakes me up at night. Between that problem and her nesting habit, I get very little sleep these days. She apparently feels the need to "remake" her bed every night, because she gets up, shakes her collar (rabies and id tags make great noise) then proceeds to circle round and round, scratching at her bed, grabbing it with her teeth and pulling for a good 30-45 seconds (it seems like hours) When she is finally satisfied, she lays back down (flatulence remember) goes to sleep and starts snoring. (another very loud bodily function). Don't ask me why I love this animal... sometimes at night I wonder myself...but I do and therefore I will sleep no more than 6 hours per night for the rest of this dogs life. And I will cry like a baby when she goes. Odd...
For those of you who are not aware, there is a nifty little invention called the doggy dooley. Basically it is a septic system for dog waste. You dig a hole, put this plastic pyramid thing with a lid in there add said waste, 2 tablespoons of enzyme and water well. Then you add enzyme each week and water as needed. For us that is every day or two. Problem is... roughly 170 lbs of dog produces more waste than the ol' dooley can handle. We had to buy another one. We now have 2 little green lids to watch for when we mow. I'm sure that my readers wonder about my sanity. All of this for 2 mere dogs? Please do not tell anyone, but I am a softy when it comes to animals. And when you think about it, where else can you find a being that will love you absolutely and unconditionally NO MATTER WHAT....
And in return for that unconditionally loving spirit, millions of them each year, find themselves in humane societies across the nation with days or hours left to live. Please, Please, Please...if you are going to get a pet....PLEASE adopt! A $300 dog will not love you any more than a $50 rescue, and you will be saving a life.
And by the way...if you see an animal being neglected or abused, don't turn your head. Make it your business, they have no voice to ask for help.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

The good, the bad and the ugly. (my version)

The good... I ordered a suprise for Duane a while back and it arrived today! Can't say what it is yet as he might read my post before he gets home from work. (I mean, of course he won't read it from work! He only works from there. But he may go someplace else where he can read my blog.... yeah, anyway...) But anyway, I am very excited! Possibly more so than he will be. I'm really getting the Christmas fever. I usually have my Christmas shopping done by the middle of October, but this year I haven't even gotten started. We were at Sam's last night and as always, got some good ideas. Since Duane's B-Day is in December, I get to guy presents for him for both occasions. But since I can't wait a full year to get him more stuff, I end up getting some "just because" presents. I'm also feeling my bi-annual rush to get the landscaping done before winter. Since I absolutely hate hot weather, I do most of my landscaping in the spring and fall. Since we moved this summer, I had a clean pallet to work with and have lots of ideas. If we ever get to our permanent residence I will do some heavy duty landscaping, including several water features, but since we know we will only be here for 2-3 years, I just can't see spending that much money. Especially since we know we could not recoup.
The bad... a lady that I work with has an 11 yr old golden retreiver named Heidi that is sick. She is having trouble getting around and her abdomen is distended. At his time they don't know if she is having complications from a slipped disk or if she has a tumor in her intestines. It makes me very sad as I know that she loves her dog and I keep thinking about how I would feel if it were one of mine.
The ugly....speaking of "one of mine". I was mowing the yard today and found some balls of roofing tar. It appears to me that the guys that are doing the roof on the church behind us have been throwing balls of tar at my dogs. Those of you that know me can imagine my temper when I found those, and after a quick call to Duane to let him know what was going on, I went over to find the supervisor. I get over there and of course, they are all on the roof, so I go up the ladder and yell at one of the guys that I need to talk to the boss. He sends the guy down and I am standing there with these balls of tar in my hand. He knew when I asked him if they were using anything like that, that I was angry. He denied that they were throwing them at the dogs and said instead that they were probably throwing them at each other. I know he's full of beans, because I found 3 more, clear out in the middle of the back yard. There is no way they could have gone that far unless that is where they were aimed. Anyway, the guy got a good view of a Kansas style temper and knows that I will be watching!

Friday, September 17, 2004


As I came 'round the corner this morning, I had this odd sense of euphoria to see that our yard was the "emerald" in a sea of deserts(?) What I mean to say is our yard is green...really pretty green. And the surrounding yards...all others on the block actually, are brown. I'm not sure why this was such a big deal to me except that it is quite possible that either complete and total boredom or possibly senility have set in. I have developed a need to have a beautiful lawn. Add it to the landscaping obsession and the flower addiction and you have the need for a support group. What would you call this support group? Plantaholics? Landscapers Anonymous? I'm assuming that the group would only meet during the summer months...
Is this what not watching television does to you? How proudly I have announced (truthfully) that I don't care if there is even a tv in the house! I have returned to nature! Embraced the great outdoors! Think of the fresh air that I am getting, exercise too! Little did I know that my husband would have to repossess the checkbook and credit cards. I can no longer be trusted with money as long as Lowe's garden center is open. And when you have planted all that this city has to offer... you go online. To find unique and exotic. Plants that will wow your friends. Friends that have stopped coming by because they keep catching you in the yard with the scissors, hand trimming the errant blades of grass. If we can just get them to come back. We can convince them that I am clean. I'll even hide the landscaping books. Yep, I gotta find a support group!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Wish I was in Colorado

Just read my honey's blog and saw the pictures he posted. Very pretty! I would love to be there. Instead I am here with my whiney dogs, cleaning and recleaning the house! Did get all of my roses planted yesterday. So far they are doing well. All have buds and one has 3 large blooms. By tomorrow the other 2 will have blooms as well. They are repeat bloomers and very fragrant so it will be fun having them in the yard. I'm really getting into this composting thing. I've asked one of my neighbors to save her egg shells and potato peels for me. If anyone else wants to do the same it would be greatly appreciated! Also have decided that I might like to go wild mushroom hunting. I've been reading about it and it sounds like something I would enjoy. I love to hike and I absolutely love mushrooms. Maybe Duane and I will ask Tim and Stacye and Meghann and Jason if they want to go. Sandy and Adrianne might want to join us as well. Could even make it a camping trip. Would definately want to get an illustrated book. You have to be very, very careful. I read that a mushroom called "Angel of death" is so deadly that one cap is enough to kill a man. There are also many look alike mushrooms so you want to know what you are doing. Although Morels only grow in the spring, there are several that grow in summer and fall, including chanterelles and oyster mushrooms. Found some informative web sites on the sport, but did get caught up in one before I realized that all of the mushrooms listed said "hallucinogenic". Certainly don't want any of that! Got an email from a friend of mine today. Said the Mexican government has shut down the border to cattle imports so her contract on 100 head of native cattle has fallen through. If anyone knows where we can find 100 wild ass cattle, please let me know! ;) She also said that she is babysitting a 5 month old camel! I have my fingers crossed that she invites me out to see it, but of course, I can't invite myself.....

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Darn this weather!

I am ready for fall. We were teased with cool temperatures and now this. I don't like it, I won't pretend to like it. Give me a chill in the air! A turtle neck sweater! A jacket for crying out loud! I am notoriously grumpy when I am hot. There are, after all, only so many things you can take off. I have adapted somewhat to the humidity although there are still days in the summer that I swear I am gonna die. But I will always be a cold weather girl. The best things that I can think of require winter or at the very least, fall. A campfire, hot cocoa, that beloved turtleneck sweater, homemade soup.... the list could go on. Strangely enough...my winter reverence is at odds with my flower addiction. hmmm....
One of my very favorite past-times is a walk at the Nature Center. It's quiet, peacefull, you see lots of wildlife, and you get the benefit of exercise. The deer are gearing up for winter right now. You see them throughout the Nature Center, lots of does and fawns, not to mention the wild turkey and all kinds of small critters. A friend and I were walking the other day and saw a badger. Not for long of course. I've herd the stories about those guys and didn't stick around to see if they were true. This morning while walking, I came around a bend in the trail and there was a doe walking right down the trail towards me. I slowed and moved over and she turned off and moved a few feet away to the water's edge to nibble the grasses growing in the shallows. She didn't care at all that I was there. There is something about a morning like that, that will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. And to think of all of those inner city kids that have never even seen a deer. I can come home from my walk and immediately start on whatever needs to be done with no mental transition. I don't think Duane knew what a nature lover he was marrying. Technology...bah! Wait a minute...then I couldn't blog.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

So this is life without kids?

My husband just left for a week-long business trip to Colorado Springs. I miss him already. Sounds corny...it is corny. I'll apologize in advance for all of the mushy things I am bound to say about him/us. We really have a fantastic marriage, so it is hard not to occasionally get in a mushy or two. So...he's gone, it's 8:58 on a Sunday morning and I have already swept up the equivalent of a 20lb dog from my main bathroom and the laundry room. I'm pretty sure there is another 20-30 pounder in the other 6 rooms. This is but one of the consequences of having roughly 170lbs in dog weight with free run of the house and the yard. Don't get me wrong...I love my dogs. Quite possibly more than any sane person would. But as I sit here attempting to blog, listening to Haley (5 yr old Weimaraner) chew on a rubber squeaky toy and Dobie (2 yr old Rott/Dobie mix) pace around the house and whine because nobody is paying any attention to him... I wonder how people can say that we "don't have kids". They have many of the same characteristics...they pull all of their toys out of the toy box and will not put them back, they get up early and will poke me with their noses until I get up too. They will bring me their wet and slobbery toys so that I can either play with them or hold them while they chew (so maybe they are a little bit spoiled). Haley has co-dependency issues and will run panicked through the house if she loses sight of me. Dobie is as ornery as any little boy could be and thinks it is a great game to goose anyone that comes over. He also thinks it is a great game to run up behind "Mom" while I am walking through the house to give me a goose. We and I stress the we, no matter how much my beloved denies having any part in it, have created these monsters. We have taken average dogs and made spoiled rotten brats out of them. In my defense, they do mind. Very well as a matter of fact. Much better than many of the kids that you see in WalMart. With the added benefit of an in home alarm system, and very convincing personal protection units. If we could just potty train them.....but that's a story for another day.